About Me

Here is a little write up about myself.

I was born into a Chinese family but my heart became engrossed in English when I got my first reading book. I never mastered Mandarin because my father sent me to an English-medium school.

In my early years, I would imagine being a pilot, a mountain climber, an adventurer extraordinaire! In real life, at school I had only a few friends.  I knew that I wanted to be a writer but after my father passed away, I had to help my mom at her business. She operated a school canteen with two sessions. We had a morning and an afternoon session and my mother would leave the house at 5.30am on Mondays to Fridays. After school, I would go to my mom’s  school canteen and man the tuck shop selling sweets, chocolates, all sorts of tit bits. This was a popular stall and my mom asked me to be there so that we could collect the coins the children brought with them when they wanted the items. Young children don’t really know the price so they ask and we tell them 10 sen, that is 30 sen and so on. It was a loud and busy stall!

Through my mom’s business, my siblings and I had opportunities to further our studies. For myself, I opted to do Information Technology and I ended up as a systems analyst in a manufacturing facility. We started the ERP system way back in 1997 and after nine years, I made the decision to quit. My children were at day care and I had a mother’s guilty feeling of not looking after my own children.

I officially left the company in 2006 and became . . . Yes! A freelance writer!