Past Projects

Past projects I did as a writer, editor, proofreader.

Mohamad Khairi Ishak03/2018The Development of an Automated Testing Approach for PXI Chassis Software DriverIEEE
Dennis Ignatius02/2018The Leap of FaithSelf-publish
Shankar Karuppayah05/2016Advanced Monitoring in P2P BotnetsThesis paper
Thean Wooi Haur12/2017Methods to Increase Efficiency of Packet Data Sending in Low RSSI ConditionsThesis paper
Molly Tan10/201710 blocks of 100 key wordsEnglish Adult Readers programme
S.S.N.A. Syed Hassan 07/2018AI Cart FollowerJournal
S.S.N.A. Syed Hassan 03/2018Designing Independent Job Scheduling Algorithms on Grid Computing Environment Based on Job's Weight and Ordinal Regression ModelJournal
Justin Bianchi08/2018Mysteries of the FaithDraft manuscript
Tan Chee Seong08/2018CVCV
CS Lucas12/2017Business proposalsRequest for Proposal