I learned to sew from my mom.

In the weekends, my mom would have customers come to visit her to sew tops and bottoms. She would sew blouses and skirts and even try her hand at Indian saris! We had a good Tamil friend. Mani could speak Hokkien and she would drop by and see my mom sewing. She asked if she could have a top made for her sari. The top is a short blouse that is a very fitting blouse. The material is usually satin and colors are bright. My mom made the blouse for her and after one or two alterations, it was good! I knew that the cutting was a little too big and Mani had it altered to fit her bodice.

My mom joined up with another seamstress and after a while, my mom had to quit because she was overworked. At least, as far as I knew, her school business brought in regular income and she could afford to raise her five children as a single parent after my father died at the age of 44.