I first began to write academic and research papers while at my office desk.

Yes, I moonlighted. At the time, it was just something to keep away the boredom. My work as a systems analyst was just in maintenance mode. The ERP was running smoothly. Month-end financial reports were now automated. Users at both ends; the manufacturing floor and the costing department, knew what to do. I was on call only when the figures in the books did not tally with the physical goods. This was usually the case when the work-in-progress goods or finished goods were not counted. Yes, it happens. There will be a meeting between production people and the costing people and I hear what costing people wanted and then the production people will check their reports and viola! There would be a pallet at the corridor, in the warehouse, with goods in it that was not counted. And after that, the items would tally give or take a couple of errors. After a few rounds of this, both sides didn’t need to call me anymore.

So what was a systems analyst supposed to do? I developed in-house user guides, made sure all users could do their work on their own, and that left me with a clean handover. There were no other new projects and I felt I needed to do something. So I went online to look for writing work.