A Miracle Recovery

A story of an aphid infested chilly plant.

This plant grew from seeds that I threw into the flower pot. Along with a small lime plant, the chilly plant grew well and since it was a medium-sized pot, both plants could grow in the soil.

In January 2018, I noticed that chilies were growing and I was happy to have some fruits. A couple of weeks passed and I began to see aphids around the plant. I didn’t want to use any pesticides and the only thought that came to my mind was this verse:

Genesis 1: 28 KJV

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

The keys of the kingdom of heaven were returned to us after Jesus Christ rose from the dead. One of the keys is to have dominion over insects and pests.

I heard of testimonies from Henry Gruver, how he commanded the tornado to move aside as it headed towards his home in Iowa; how he commanded the earthquake to be still while he was in Japan; and many more. I wanted to experience God’s word too.

In this case, my chilly plant was badly infected with aphids. I spoke over my plant, “Aphids, I curse you. Die and leave my plant!” Every day, I would speak these words over my chilly plant.

Nothing happened on 22 Feb 2018.

aphids attacking the leaves
Aphids infected chilly plant

Then on 26 Feb 2018, I noticed dark spots where the aphids used to be. As I shared this with my cell group sisters, they asked me to take photos because it was a sign of something happening!

Dark spots where aphids used to be
Aphids began to die

Greatly encouraged, after the initial depression of seeing my plant dying, I continued to speak to the aphids, “I curse you! Die and leave my plant and don’t come back into my garden!”

Aphids decline

As each day passed, I began to see changes to my plant.

New leaves appearing
Flourishing once again! The Word of God is effective!

CNY Greeting eCards

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018, we sent eCards to our whatsapp SGGS Y80 group.

SGGS stands for St. George’s Girls’ School, Penang.

In no particular order:

CNY 2018 greetings
Chinese New Year Eve 2018 from Sweetie
From Sweetie: Something sweet for all on the first day of the New Year

Also from Sweetie. You need to be a Malaysian to understand this!

From Tan Bee Poh
From Paik Yeng
From Lay Wah and Su Mei
From Annie Cheah
From GL Ooi
From Cheng Cheok
From Tan Siew Ching
From Lin Ling
From Lay Kee
From Lian See

LaTex / MikTex Publishing Tools

Hi readers,

LaTex / MikTex is open source. It is a writer’s publishing tool.

I was introduced to this software by Dr Genick Bar-Meir. He is the owner of The Potto Project. Please see this link www.potto.org. Dr Genick wrote books on fluid mechanics and compressible flow. He offers them as free textbooks. I worked with him on his English grammar because English is his third or fourth language.

My initial opinion of LaTex / MikTex is that it is not easy to use but I changed my opinion after using it. At the time, I was using Microsoft products and Adobe software for publishing. I never heard of LaTex before. It dawned on me that here was another software which is a great layout tool and also it is so much better when there are mathematical formulas. I found that typing in a formula can be daunting initially but after getting used to it, it is so much easier than Microsoft Word. Of course, at that time, the formulas were already created by Dr Genick. All I had to do was to check on the grammar and leave his formulas alone!

A sample of a formula for Introduction to Thermodynamics:

In mechanics, the work was defined as

formula for mechanical work
a sample formula written in LaTex

Lace curtains

Eyelet lace curtain

Lace curtains are necessary.

For a long time, I did not know about lace curtains. I grew up with only a single layer curtain and when I did come to learn about lace curtains, I discovered that they can be expensive. But they look lovely in a feminine way.

Yes, lace has been used on women’s clothes for as long as I can remember. They line the edge of the sleeves and collars of dresses and they are evergreen.

In like manner, lace curtains give presence and no matter the type, they are still elegant. I like this floral lace which my supplier named “Neziah.” It used to cost something like RM 44 per meter but at the time I was introduced to it, my supplier had only one roll left and he marked it as clearance stock. I was hesitant to take it because I did not know if anyone would like this type of lace. It is feminine and had floral motifs at the bottom instead of a flat line.

A customer chose this lace for the living area and we made ceiling to floor curtains. We had to join the top because the height of the lace was a bit short but it is not obvious.

eyelet lace curtains
Eyelet lace curtains to the floor

At the time, the first layer curtains were new and we had to get them into shape by tying them properly to set. Certain materials are fluffy and others hang easily.

All in all, the choice of colours blended in with the garden feel of the condominium.

Reading English with 100 key words

Free ebook 100A Call for Help

Hi readers,

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my sibling, Molly Tan, has started a series The Key Words Way.

She started this reading English series as a resource for people who want to learn English. There are many migrants that have settled in Australia but they have difficulty in learning English. Through her own experience as a migrant, she understands that one needs diligence and constant practice to master English. With that in mind, she has developed resources for reading English which is suitable for school going children as well as adults.


Table of Contents in eBook

Hi readers,

Making an e-book Table of Contents is pretty easy.

Sometime ago, while I was looking at self-publishing, I came across Smashwords. For an author who is not based in the United States, there was a question of how to put my books on Amazon. I needed to have an address in the United States of America before I can get an account setup in Amazon. The next best thing was Smashwords.

I learned a lot from the guy there who started this online ebook store to compete with Amazon. He gave instructions how to setup a Table of Contents for e-books.

Note: I admit a video might make it easier but I know that there are plenty of tutorials in YouTube. So, this is just a 2-step version.

Step 1: Make a bookmark of each chapter

bookmark links
Using bookmark links in Microsoft Word


Using the Navigation screen, find the Chapter that you need. After that, at the Insert ribbon, select Bookmark and at the pop-up, type in Ch9 or C9 for Chapter 9.

Click Add and the new bookmark Ch9 is added.

Step 2: Make hyperlinks based on bookmarks

Tip: To make the link with chapter number and chapter title, select the whole line text and press Ctrl-C.

Link in the document
Create an internal hyperlink “Place in This Document”
A link to chapter 9
Select bookmark Ch9 to link
Bookmarks and hyperlinks
Click Ok and the hyperlink to Chapter 9 is created

Super Red Blue Moon 31 January 2018

Blue moon at 31 January 2018

This event was shared by a group of former St. George’s Girls’ School, Penang, classmates year of 1980.

The images in the post are subject to copyright.

Malaysian time 9.36pm
Red moon at 9.36pm by Siew Bee
Red moon as photographed by Joyce Ooi in Singapore at 9.41pm
Taken by Joyce Ooi at 9.41pm in Singapore
Red moon at 9.47pm by GL Ooi using a 200mm lens
Red moon at 9.47pm from a 200mm lens by GL Ooi
As seen by Sweetie at 10.00pm
A little bit at 10.00 pm by Sweetie
Red moon at 10.08pm from May Lai
As seen from May Lai’s house at 10.08pm.
Red moon at 10.15 pm by Annie Cheah.
Taken at 10.15 pm from Gelugor, Penang. From Annie Cheah.