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Making an e-book Table of Contents is pretty easy.

Sometime ago, while I was looking at self-publishing, I came across Smashwords. For an author who is not based in the United States, there was a question of how to put my books on Amazon. I needed to have an address in the United States of America before I can get an account setup in Amazon. The next best thing was Smashwords.

I learned a lot from the guy there who started this online ebook store to compete with Amazon. He gave instructions how to setup a Table of Contents for e-books.

Note: I admit a video might make it easier but I know that there are plenty of tutorials in YouTube. So, this is just a 2-step version.

Step 1: Make a bookmark of each chapter

bookmark links
Using bookmark links in Microsoft Word


Using the Navigation screen, find the Chapter that you need. After that, at the Insert ribbon, select Bookmark and at the pop-up, type in Ch9 or C9 for Chapter 9.

Click Add and the new bookmark Ch9 is added.

Step 2: Make hyperlinks based on bookmarks

Tip: To make the link with chapter number and chapter title, select the whole line text and press Ctrl-C.

Link in the document
Create an internal hyperlink “Place in This Document”
A link to chapter 9
Select bookmark Ch9 to link
Bookmarks and hyperlinks
Click Ok and the hyperlink to Chapter 9 is created

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