Lace curtains

Lace curtains are necessary.

For a long time, I did not know about lace curtains. I grew up with only a single layer curtain and when I did come to learn about lace curtains, I discovered that they can be expensive. But they look lovely in a feminine way.

Yes, lace has been used on women’s clothes for as long as I can remember. They line the edge of the sleeves and collars of dresses and they are evergreen.

In like manner, lace curtains give presence and no matter the type, they are still elegant. I like this floral lace which my supplier named “Neziah.” It used to cost something like RM 44 per meter but at the time I was introduced to it, my supplier had only one roll left and he marked it as clearance stock. I was hesitant to take it because I did not know if anyone would like this type of lace. It is feminine and had floral motifs at the bottom instead of a flat line.

A customer chose this lace for the living area and we made ceiling to floor curtains. We had to join the top because the height of the lace was a bit short but it is not obvious.

eyelet lace curtains
Eyelet lace curtains to the floor

At the time, the first layer curtains were new and we had to get them into shape by tying them properly to set. Certain materials are fluffy and others hang easily.

All in all, the choice of colours blended in with the garden feel of the condominium.

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