Tube Holders / Neck Straps

The reason I started this product was because of the R&D manager at Euromedical Industries, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

In 2006, I had resigned from this manufacturing facility. Sylwia Poulsen, at the time, as a colleague and friend, was concerned that I had left my job because of my boss. I told her it was not the reason I left. My boss did not give me a bad time. I was moonlighting as a writer while I was at my desk. I didn’t want to be caught and I had something that I liked to do and I felt that I could earn a decent living while working at home.

Sylwia, as the head of R&D, had already developed a process to manufacture a reinforced air way tube for the facility. Now, she wanted something better to hold the air way tube to the mouth or the neck of a patient. Air way tubes used a simple lining tape or bias tape to hold the air way tube. This procedure needed time and there were products like tube holders or neck straps which looked better and was more comfortable.

She asked me to supply a sample for her to submit to HQ in Denmark. She gave me what she had purchased from the US and asked me to get the raw materials to do it. I thanked her and took home the sample and did my research. My product was selected as an accessory item to the new reinforced air way tubes.

This is the end product of my tube holder.

tube holders neck straps
Tube holders or neck traps
Adjustable tube holder
A set which is two pieces of the tube holder or neck strap
How to use the neck strap
How to use the tube holder or neck strap

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