Super Red Blue Moon 31 January 2018

This event was shared by a group of former St. George’s Girls’ School, Penang, classmates year of 1980.

The images in the post are subject to copyright.

Malaysian time 9.36pm
Red moon at 9.36pm by Siew Bee
Red moon as photographed by Joyce Ooi in Singapore at 9.41pm
Taken by Joyce Ooi at 9.41pm in Singapore
Red moon at 9.47pm by GL Ooi using a 200mm lens
Red moon at 9.47pm from a 200mm lens by GL Ooi
As seen by Sweetie at 10.00pm
A little bit at 10.00 pm by Sweetie
Red moon at 10.08pm from May Lai
As seen from May Lai’s house at 10.08pm.
Red moon at 10.15 pm by Annie Cheah.
Taken at 10.15 pm from Gelugor, Penang. From Annie Cheah.

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